Underlined @ MIE 2019

by Theo

Underlined @ MIE 2019

by Theo

by Theo

Data driven pass the NPS ….

At The NOODLEs this year was also clearly visible that data driven insights are increasingly important in improving the customer experience and there was a lot of enthusiasm for our thesis: Data driven Pass the NPS.

Most companies have developed the NPS far and are busy working on qualitative customer travel. They now come to a point that all quick wins have been implemented, the post-its have been implemented and the question arises: How Do I get data driven insights and how can I prioritize them?

Underlined has described in its presentations using The Underlined data DRIVEN CX maturity Scan, and a number of appealing customer cases at leading companies how To use Underlined services, regardless of the phase in which your company , data driven can be started to improve the customer experience. A good example is the case of Nuon/Vattenfall, presented by Daniƫl van Doorn, who has shown how they have prioritized actions based on advanced analytics to maximize their NPS.

Five key Take-aways from the Underlined presentations on the MIE are:

  1. Ask the tNPS in the customer’s journey and not just afterwards.

If you question the NPS only at the end of the customer’s journey, it says little to nothing about the overall customer experience, but it mainly says something about the peak-end or peak-down experience. But beware: Do not ask more surveys, but divide your questions about the different touch points in the specific customer trip.

  1. Stop plasticizing your Customer Journey Maps!

After all, a customer journey is a non-linear and living process; Always susceptible to improvement and the unpredictability of the customer.

  1. Data is the new middlemanagement.

Agile work is necessary to be agile. But how priori do you tar? The Underlined theorem is that data is the new objective middle management, essential for self-steering teams to make the right choices.

  1. Mind the CX Gap!

There is a big difference between what C-level requires: Company value, profitability and competitive advantage and what CX-Pros deliver: Customer value, CX activity plan, CX culture and CX skills. Work on the CX disconnect and make sure you understand each other!

And the main take-away:

  1. Start connecting the CX dots.

Everything in the area of CX within your company hangs together. From your ultimate CX goals, through different KPI, drivers and journeys to your strategic models. Start with your CX-targets and connect the CX dots, this helps to show the right insights and to know which buttons you need to rotate to exert influence.

The CX Insights Framework as The starting point for Data Driven CX works!

Learn more

You can download the presentations. Do you Want to delve deeper into the topics we have touched on in the presentations? Come to our Masterclass: Create driven impact IN CX On April 4th!

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