Text Mining Customer Contact channels

by Theo

Text Mining Customer Contact channels

by Theo

by Theo

Underlined introduces a fully automatic text mining solution for customer contact channels with a lot of textual information.

Textual information is the main source in many customer contact channels for conducting conversations with customers. Your customer facing employees rely on this information fully. How did your customers perceive these contacts, were their questions adequately resolved and what can be done to improve customer service? To answer these questions, Underlined developed a text mining API solution that provides insight into customer conversations. Underlined converts raw data from conversations into useful data for analysis and insights.

For which customer channels do we provide this service?

The API service is currently available for the following channels:

  • Chat conversations;
  • E-mail conversations;
  • CRM logs with conversation notes.

In addition to conversation data, open tekst data analysis is also offered to enrich your insights. Channels we support are:

  • Web reviews;
  • Social media messages.

Accurate, scalable and flexible

Our approach is accurate, scalable and flexible enough to meet the needs of our customers in different industries and for different purposes within the CX domain. In recent years, together with leading universities, we have developed extremely strong text mining solutions for various industries and have implemented these in many organisations in the Netherlands. We have highly appropriate and continuously learning taxonomies with a very high reliability. As a result, these organisations have a better understanding of their customers and which improvements contribute most to improving customer service. The Underlined Text Mining API service © is a cloud based service that provides advanced processing of natural language for plain text. The API connects to the Underlined Hub For CX Analytics ©, a collection/framework of machine learning and AI algorithms, which can be used directly as part of your Customer Experience Management program.

The Underlined Text Mining API service © offers different types of insights:

Sentiment scoring Discover how customers think about your brand or a particular subject, by analysing plain tekst for positive or negative emotions. The analytical models have been pre trained using an extensive body text and the natural language technologies of Underlined. For selected languages, the API can analyse any plain text you specify and pass the results directly to the initiating application.
Topic detection Automatically extract key terms to quickly identify the main topics. From the text “The food was delicious and the service fantastic”, the Underlined Text Mining API service ©, for example, returns the main topics: “Food” and “Service Fantastic”.
Available industries Financial services; both insurance and banking. In addition; publishers, telecom, retail & travel and utility. And many other industries currently in development. Check for availability!

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