CJ Support

by Theo

We gladly support you in the use of our CJ Analytics Suite.

After onboarding our Customer Journey Analytics Suite you can start to work with converting improvement insights into targeted actions. Do you need more support when using our Suite? Our team of experienced Customer Intelligence Analysts is at your disposal.

We can help you with the following issues:

  1. What does your customer journey look like?
  2. Who are your customers and what moves them?
  3. What are your improvement insights and how do you convert them into targeted actions?
  4. What is the impact of these improvements on your objectives (e.g. NPS, satisfaction, costs and convenience)?

CJ Data Gathering integrates all relevant data sources for the customer journey and outlines a customer profile.

CJ Data Connecting provides an integrated customer profile of the customer journey by using customer journey models and text algorithms to connect the data flows.

CJ Data Insights helps with concrete improvement insights when shaping the most ideal customer journeys.

CJ Management Cockpit is a customized customer journey control and improvement dashboard. Almost immediately users will say: “how did I ever do without it”.