by Theo

Underlined is part of an expertise network in the field of Customer Experience Management. We believe in a best-in-class approach and actively look for partners with whom we can create even more value for our customers, on top of what we offer independently. Bringing together the different areas of expertise in the market is essential to help our customers in their strategic initiatives to provide added value to their customers.

We therefore collaborate with:

Altuïtion – The Engagement Engineers

As builders of 9+ organizations, the leading customer experience consultancy firm in the Netherlands. Expert in the field of emotional customer experiences, customer journey management and co-creating a 9+ Way of Working in organizations. Authors of books on the 9+ customer experience. Strategically involved with organizations to help them in all aspects related to becoming a 9+ organization. In this collaboration, Underlined offers all data-driven aspects that are necessary to not only give an excellent shape to the customer experience journey, but also to be able to substantiate it with data for continuous improvement of the customer experience.


Essense is a leading service design agency that helps organizations connect with customers and employees. Essense developed services to shape customer journeys, agile ux design, employee engagement and the translation to the CX organization. Central to this is the conversion to concrete action from acquired insights. It is precisely on this cutting edge that Underlined collaborates with Essense to continuously offer the data, the substantiated metrics and customer & business value insights to the teams that Essense helps in shaping the CX change.


Expoints allows you to interact with your customer about the experienced service. As short as possible on a relevant experience, Expoints invites the customer to provide feedback. With this, Expoints positions customer feedback as an integral step in every customer journey. Expoints explicitly does not see receiving customer feedback as the end point. The feedback can (1) lead to further interaction with your customer. It also offers (2) a mirror for employees and (3) it is a starting point for the improvement of (customer) processes. Expoints is happy to be your sparring partner!

Underlined works with Expoints, analyzing all the open answers in the customer feedback (by means of a speech API) and providing relevant topics and categories. These results are clearly displayed within the dashboard of Expoints. This way, open answers are also targeted for improvement!

JADS – Jheronimus Academy of Data Science

The first Data Science University of the Netherlands, located in the Mariënburg monastery in the beautiful Den Bosch. This collaboration between TU/E (Eindhoven University of Technology) and TiU (Tilburg University) is the central place where all data science science comes together. As part of the JADS ecosystem, Underlined and JADS organize the data driven CX masterclass. In addition, we set up hackathons together and collaborate with science on developing, for example Artificial Intelligence.


Milkymap offers a solution to create customer journey maps and share them online with teams and/or organizations. With this solution you can do everything that is important to capture a customer journey from qualitative techniques, place it in clear maps and connect it to other elaborated journeys. Underlined collaborates with Milkymap to substantiate the customer journey maps with insights from data. By using our API products and data visualization options to prioritize changes in the journey, the opportunities for improvement are made transparent!

Wilms & Co – CX Program Management

Jaap Wilms is an experienced consultant who supports, challenges and inspires organizations to successfully deploy customer experience. He guides various international companies in large CX Programs and gives CXPA Masterclasses. Before that, Jaap was Global Head of NPS for many years at a large international financial organization. Underlined works together to offer organizations a complete solution from an (international) CX program perspective. And to challenge organizations with data to achieve even more impact and engagement for all layers in the organization. Underlined and Wilms & Co also give several Masterclasses together, both open-house and at Nyenrode Business University, JADS and the University of Amsterdam, among others.

Friends of Underlined

Underlined collaborates with renowned professionals from the CX work field. In the field of CX Marketing, Program Management, Research and Education, we have direct access to enthusiastic freelancers. They work with us on both projects and in the creation of new innovations and learning content.

Our partners work with us in many settings, both nationally and internationally. For example, we develop learning content together that is taught and published in book form at renowned institutes such as JADS, the University of Amsterdam and Nyenrode Business University (first edition: Basisboek Customer Journey Management). In addition, our methods and software solutions are seamlessly integrated to provide a best-in-class solution!