About Us

About Us

by Theo

Underlined: Building data driven customer experience

At Underlined we are passionate about enabling our customers to use data driven insights to improve their customer experience. We are a young and eager team of data scientists and consultants and our data-passion has enabled us to add direct value to big brands like ABN AMRO Bank, ABN AMRO Insurance, Ben, Nationale Nederlanden, Vattenfall, vgz, de Volksbank and Ziggo.

With our customer and data focus, our allergy to silo’s and The Underlined Hub for CX Analytics © we are able to uncover CX data insights faster, deeper and better than many of our corporate counterparts. Many clients use us as an insights-accelerator for their Customer Experience Programs.

Underlined started in 2002 focusing on making sense of unstructured data in survey texts and customer reviews, also on social media. We are now market leader in Dutch language text mining, a service we co-created with the UVA (the U of Amsterdam).

Since 2014 we have started to focus on gathering all data insights pertaining to customer journeys and we have built The Underlined Hub for CX Analytics ©: a cloud based solution, which accommodates a collection/framework of machine learning and AI algorithms. Via APIs, various parts of the Hub can be directly accessed, such as our superior text mining solutions. To speed up your CX programs the hub can be used structurally or as a turn-key solution to unlock all your CX management information and insights, via intuitive dashboards to Customer Experience professionals, data scientists, management and other stakeholders.

Data driven insight Effective steering/grip on CX Always quickly relevant no matter where you stand
  • Mining (text & journey)
  • Predictive models (Driver/impact/churn)
  • CX Hub for Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Deepdives (on KPIs/drivers)
  • Maturity levels
  • Insights Framework
  • Customised API Services
Increase in CX metric in the first year by driver/impact insights (e.g. + 10 on NPS)
20% saving hygiene calls through insights into your customers problems
Always immediately focused on your needs, there is no need to reinvent the wheel

We seek close working relationships with Academia. Our office is based at the first data science university in the Netherlands: JADS (Jheronimus Academy of Data Science). Last year we co-created the course Data Driven CX Management to wide acclaim and much appreciation by all participants.

Kim Vos Fotografie - Reportage Underlined Den Bosch
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Kim Vos Fotografie - Reportage Underlined Den Bosch

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