Hub for CX Analytics

Hub for CX Analytics

by Theo

What is it?

The Underlined Hub for CX Analytics © is a cloud based solution, which accommodates a collection/framework of machine learning and AI algorithms, which can be used directly as part of your Customer Experience Management program. Via APIs, various parts of the Hub can be directly accessed, such as our superior text mining solutions. In addition, in order to optimise your Customer Experience , the hub can be used as a turn-key solution to unlock all your CX management information and insights, via intuitive dashboards to Customer Experience professionals, data scientists, management and other stakeholders.


What does the Underlined Hub for CX Analytics address?

Customers and prospects have a lot of contact with organisations. Through an ever increasing number of channels they search for answers to their questions. How well do you know the needs of your customers?

To visualise this in directly applicable dashboards and insights we have developed the Underlined Hub for CX Analytics. The hub is a ready to use SAAS solution combining the following:

  1. What is your customer trying to solve? (job-to-be-done, made visible by customer behaviour)
  2. How did you attempt to provide a solution? (your processes and provided communication)
  3. Did this meet with your customer’s approval? (feedback & emotions)

In solving a need, the customer has many interactions with your organisation through telephone contact, chat sessions, e-mails, visiting your website and completing reviews, all of which are captured in data available to you. Below is a schematic representation of the important ingredients that make it possible to answer these questions and what type of insights you can obtain:

An example of a dashboard that can be visualised based on the algorithms and data available in the Hub:

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For more details, download our brochure. Customers working with the Underlined Hub for CX Analytics achieve great results in enhanced loyalty, higher NPS and more cross-and up-sell. Click here for various  customer examples!

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