Our products and services

by Max Werkhoven

Our products and services

Underlined provides Customer Experience and Data Science professionals with resources to make a major impact in their organisation. Data Driven Customer Experience is on the move. It makes customer loyalty transparent and helps professionals prioritise those actions that are proven to contribute to a higher NPS. All this at less cost and with more growth opportunities.

Dependent on where you stand in terms of Data Driven CX, we offer:

  • Masterclasses and courses that help Customer Experience and Data Science professionals¬† to understand the world of Data Driven CX
  • Services that will provide¬† a CX Insights Framework and Roadmap for your Data Driven CX strategy.
  • Data Science services offered via APIs for direct application in your own data driven CX environment
  • Start directly with a turn-key solution! For this we offer a SAAS platform in which all the Data Driven CX relevant components are present
  • Accelerate the efforts of your employees in the field of: Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Visualization and Research

See our customer examples to explore the various components of our services. Questions, we would like to speak to you, click here to contact us.