Hub for CX Analytics

Hub for CX Analytics

by Theo

About the hub

The Underlined Hub for CX Analytics © is a cloud based solution. It houses a collection/framework of machine learning and AI algorithms for immediate use as part of your Customer Experience Management program. Various parts of the Hub can be addressed directly via APIs, such as our high-quality text mining solutions. In addition, the hub is a turn-key solution for making all your management information and insights accessible via dashboards to Customer Experience professionals, data scientists, management and other stakeholders for optimizing the customer experience.

With the Underlined Hub for CX Analytics you get a grip on the:

The all data & all sources approach makes opportunities for improvement visually transparent. The result is proven value for the customer and for the own organization. The hub works on the basis of the CX Insights Framework.

A complete solution in both SAAS and API available for Data Driven Customer Experience Management

Customer cases

Customers working with the Underlined Hub for CX Analytics achieve great results in enhanced loyalty, higher NPS and more cross-and up-sell.

More information?

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