CX Insights Framework

CX Insights Framework

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The insights framework is a data driven operating model to provide insight into the buttons (drivers) that can be turned that have proven impact on customer and business value. The starting point is: what is good for the customer also provides demonstrable value for the organization!

Why work with the framework?

Customer experience is entering a new phase. More and more organizations find it difficult to identify opportunities that have been proven to improve NPS. And what that will bring in business value. To help organizations with this, Underlined developed the CX Insights Framework, a model that can be used extremely well together with the data science products in the Underlined Hub for CX Analytics.

This framework connects customer value with company value and provides insight into which buttons an organization has to turn to realize this (so-called drivers). The framework provides insight into important handles for CX, such as contact reasons, touchpoints, jobs-to-done and emotion. They play an important role in the realization of the framework.

What does the framework look like for your situation?

To create this framework for your specific situation, Underlined developed a one-day workshop. On this day we go deep into your organization. Together we explore the data experience canvas as an important tool to shape the framework. We use the latest insights and techniques in data driven customer experience management. The approach is directly applicable for organizations that want to work with agile principles and CX techniques, such as service design. Our goal is to connect these and to come to a concrete approach for your organization and opportunities for data driven customer experience management.

Do you want to know how the framework works and how you apply it within your organization? Help create value for your organization and customers.
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