Conversational AI Models

Conversational AI Models

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Great conversations make the difference. We have a clear mission: to use the power of Conversational Intelligence to improve customer relationships and to truly understand customer contacts. Get a grip on loyalty and efficiency with data-driven decision making, insights and personalization of the customer interactions. 

Grip on customer conversations with Conversational Intelligence

To truly understand your customers’ experience, it is crucial to understand not only when customers are contacting your organization but also what they are contacting you about. With the Underlined Conversational AI module we convert conversations into insights and actions. Conversations within each channel are translated into information and insights that can be used for data-driven decisions and continuous improvement.

How does it work?

For organizations it is often difficult to keep an eye on whether all conversations are actually going well. By capturing conversations and understanding them in depth, data can be prepared for analysis. This refined data can then be used for in-depth analysis. Every day our solutions help companies to convert insights into actions from all customer conversations and gain better grasp into the possibilities for improving the customer relationship. This increases conversions and service, optimizes CX KPIs and accelerates analysis.

Perfect solution for marketing, service & analytics

Discover what you can achieve with the power of Conversational Intelligence for Marketing & Sales, Customer Service and Analytics purposes.

Why Conversational AI Models?

Increase conversion, improve service, accelerate analysis. For:

More customer insight with self-service insights
Better quality management
Accelerate your analyzes & discover improvement potential

Self-Service Insights

We strive to make your team self-supporting, through co-creation and our strengthening relationship approach.

Data has become a new competitive advantage, business decisions are more than ever supported by data. This comes with an increasing demand for talented data professionals and large business investment in the expansion of analytics teams. But even with all this talent, analytics teams must also be able to move in an agile way in today’s competitive, fast-paced environment. To scale effectively and quickly generate actionable insights, users and organizations can now apply self-service analytics.

With the Underlined self-service approach, we enable users to extract data themselves, generate reports and run queries independently, even if they have no background in BI, statistical analysis or data mining. Our consultants and solutions empower you and your team to collect and assemble multi-structured data from all sources and turn this data into actionable information.

Increase the customer experience and improve operational efficiency
Convert unstructured data into intelligence and actions
Use machine learning to improve the business process
Quickly detect anomalies and take action
Identify trends and opportunities in customer interactions with predictive models
Anticipate, adjust and stay in control

Underlined’s powerful suite of self-service solutions connects your customers and employees with the information, resources and support they need, when they need it. Improve experiences, securely collect business-changing insights, and scale effectively when needed. 


More profit for CX

There is still a lot to be gained in terms of customer experience in efficiency and therefore costs. Many companies have an incredible amount of contact with their customers; via chats, telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp and so on. That’s where Conversational AI comes in. To remove the pain and improvement points from all communication channels and moments. In other words, we convert data into information and insights, from which companies can obtain valuable knowledge to implement changes. In short, the customer service process runs more smoothly, employees get the feeling that something is being done so that they can help customers well in one go, you gain confidence and you can profit from it commercially.

Tracing areas for improvement

The ultimate goal is to trace areas for improvement. With Conversational AI, you come across the glitches that otherwise disappear into the crowd. For example, we found out that 15% of one of our customer’s traffic was caused by a confirmation email that did not arrive. The most valuable points for improvement are insights that improve efficiency, service and can also lead to more commercial success.

Why start working with Conversational AI now, the most important benefits:

Preventing waste conversations
Optimizing service through better conversations
Testing conversations against all your requirements

More information?

Contact us and we will be happy to introduce you to the latest Conversational AI techniques and solutions.