Text Mining Customer Contact Channels

Text Mining Customer Contact Channels

by Ana Milicevic

Underlined introduces a fully automatic text mining solution for customer contact channels with a lot of textual information.

Textual information is the source of conversation with customers on many customer contact channels. Your employees handle these contacts 1:1. How do you gain insight into what has been discussed with customers? What did your customers think about this, has their question been solved and where are the opportunities to improve for better customer service? To answer these questions, Underlined developed a text mining API solution that provides insight into what is being discussed with customers. Based on the raw data offered, the Underlined solution can convert the conversation into usable data for analyzes and insights.

Which channels are available?

The API service is currently available for the following channels:

  • Chat conversations
  • Email conversations
  • CRM logs with conversation notes.

In addition to conversations, open texts can be offered, of which you would like to extract the essentials to use for your analyzes. Channels we support:

  • Web reviews
  • Social media messages.

Accurate, scalable and flexible

Our approach is accurate, scalable and flexible to meet the needs of our customers. In different industries and for different uses within the CX domain. In recent years, together with leading universities, we have developed extremely strong text mining solutions for various industries and are already applying this to many organizations in the Netherlands. We have appropriate and continuously learning taxonomies with very high reliability. This gives these organizations a better view of what is going on with their customers and therefore which improvements will contribute the most to improve the service. The Underlined Text Mining API service © is a cloud-based service that provides advanced natural language processing for plain text. The API connects to the Underlined Hub For CX Analytics ©, a collection / framework of machine learning and AI algorithms that can be used directly as part of your Customer Experience Management program.

The Underlined Tekst Mining-API service © offers different kinds of insights:

Topic detection Key terms are automatically extracted from the text so that the key points are quickly identified.
Sub-topic detection More insights and finegrained information into your key topics.
Available taxonomies Automotive, Banking, Energy, Healthcare, Health Insurance, Insurance, Municipalities, Pension, Publisher, Retail, Telecom. There are always new branches in development, so check for availability!

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