CX Driver & Impact model

CX Driver & Impact model

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Do you want to know what influences the customer experience? And which knob you should turn to set data-based and set the right priorities?

Based on the CX Insights Framework, it is made clear which customer & company metrics and which customer experience & operational data are important, as a starting point for the CX Driver & Impact model.

These resources are connected and calculated using the Hub for CX Analytics API Suite. Subsequently, all data contained therein are enriched with CX features, such as the contact reason and touchpoint information. These are then calculated with the driver & impact model for coherence and prioritization.

Based on the data provided, this high-quality module determines which of the data science models present in the hub gives the best results and subsequently applies them.

These optimized calculations provide direct insight into which buttons are available to turn. In this case to explain the tNPS in relation to costs (including telephony).

Below is an example of the results of the CX Driver & Impact model in which you can directly see the relationship of the impact of customer feedback (topics) on the tNPS.

The driver & impact model is part of the Data Science Catalog. It contains several CX modules that enrich data to obtain targeted insights into customer experience.

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