Base module Hub for CX Analytics

Base module Hub for CX Analytics

by Ana Milicevic

About the hub

The Underlined Hub for CX Analytics © is a cloud based solution. This contains a collection / framework of machine learning and AI algorithms. You can use this immediately as part of your customer experience management program. Various parts of the hub can be addressed directly via APIs, such as our high-quality text mining solutions. You can also use the hub as a turnkey solution to unlock all your management information and insights via dashboards to customer experience professionals, data scientists, management and other stakeholders to optimize the customer experience.

Base module

The base module of the hub makes data suitable for customer experience management by unlocking all necessary data sources and calculating to enrich all available data with CX features. The main features added through the API are:

  • Touchpoint (metatag)
  • Contact Reason (metatag)
  • Channel routes for contact reason and touch point (meta tag)

By adding this information, you gain insight into the actual customer journeys, the models from the Data Science Model Catalog can immediately generate new insights and you can also immediately apply the data. Such as for CX data visualization and / or use in a DMP / CDP environment for real-time marketing applications.

Next step; Data Science Model Catalog, from rich data to insight into customer & business value opportunities. Good for your customer and also for your own organization!

Would you like to know more?

Contact us at T 073 303 0290 or send an email to for a demonstration and explanation of the possibilities. If you would like to see examples of our customers who are already working on applying our techniques, click here!