Underlined API Suite

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Underlined API Suite

Fully automatic data science modules for CX management

Data Driven Customer Experience Management

Underlined has developed various fully automatic data science modules that can be used immediately, specifically for customer experience management. These modules can be used as an extension of your own data science architecture and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing architecture.

The API Suite consists of the base-module, including Journey Tagging and the CX Data Science Catalogus, which includes various directly usable data science models for customer experience management. Furthermore, the catalog can be expanded with self-made data science modules based on, for example, R, Python, Sas and Knime routines.

Clear business case for a data driven CX approach

Improve the customer experience

  • Discover the paths or customer journeys that your most satisfied and dissatisfied customers follow as well as the obstacles for a consistent and high-quality customer experience
  • Resulting in a minimum NPS increase of 10 points during the first year

Reduce costs

  • Significant blockages often occur in the typical customer journey, leading to unwanted customer experiences and increasing costs for businesses. The latter often takes the form of costly operational inefficiencies
  • In the first year, customers achieve an average of 20% less hygiene calls

Increase the acquisition

  • Identify high-impact customer journeys that result in a conversion or purchase
  • Marketers can use these insights, along with understanding preferences and behavior, in campaigns to acquire new customers

Reduce churn

  • By gaining data-driven insight into customer preferences and identifying risk customers, customer experience teams can use these insights to translate the found priorities into opportunities to improve customer journeys and reduce churn
  • Customers achieve an average reduction of 10-15% on the customer turnover

Background Underlined API products

  • Underlined started developing the hub and API solutions in 2016
  • Our API and SAAS solutions are currently running for multiple Enterprise customers in the Benelux
  • As part of the JADS (Jheronimus Academy of Data Science) community:
    • Underlined conducts continuous (scientific) research
    • the solution is continuously expanding with results from research in process mining, natural language processing, emotion mining and artificial intelligence
  • Our solution is:
    • ISO27001 certified
    • scalable and works on a subscription basis
    • up-to-date: underlying models are validated and updated every quarter

Data driven CX is moving fast in a market in which the board wants lasting shareholder value, coupled with lasting customer value. In short: good for the customer and proven good for the organization!

We are constantly developing so if you have a specific need, please let us know.
E info@underlined.nl or T +31 (0)73 3030290.

Underlined is ISO 27001 certified.
Our Certificate and Statement of Applicability.