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Underlined Customer Journey Analytics Suite.

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The Underlined Customer Journey Analytics Suite

Loyal customers are invaluable to your organization. They are your ambassadors, generate more customer value and a higher NPS. With that, it’s all about an optimal customer experience. The trick is to organize your customer journey in a way that turns your satisfied customers into loyal customers.

Customer Journey Analytics

Our Customer Journey Analytics Suite helps you realize this in four clear and orderly steps. From collecting all relevant data around the customer journey and identifying your customers and what drives them, to mapping a dashboard for guiding and improving your customer journey. Our products are characterized by the visual way they help you reach your goal: an optimal and positive customer experience.

Get started yourself

Step-by-step we guide you and your team in designing the optimal customer journey. We will not be satisfied until you are ready to independently start working with our CJ Analytics Suite. That is why our hands-on support is aimed at making ourselves superfluous so you can be in the driver’s seat of your improvement processes.

Towards the optimal customer journey in four steps

CJ Data Gathering integrates all relevant data sources for the customer journey and outlines a customer profile.

CJ Data Connecting provides an integrated customer profile of the customer journey by using customer journey models and text algorithms to connect the data flows.

CJ Data Insights helps with concrete improvement insights when shaping the most ideal customer journeys.

CJ Management Cockpit is a customized customer journey control and improvement dashboard for managing and monitoring your customer journeys.