by Maartje Luinenburg


by Maartje Luinenburg

by Maartje Luinenburg

What did we look at?

Transactional customer feedback on the NPS and CES question for 6 customer journeys.

How did we do this?

Applying text mining analysis to enrich the dataset with all open explanations with topics from the customer feedback. Per customer journey, Underlined has subsequently delivered an advice for improvement actions based on quarterly results and compared to the previous quarter.

What were the results?

  • Categorization of the open texts in 10 main topics with 35 underlying sub-topics.
  • Different recommendations have been issued per customer journey, such as (1) increasing the transparency of the premium and additional costs and (2) improving the accessibility of customer service through shorter waiting times and simplifying the drop down menu.
  • The number of contacts was strongly linked to the NPS (the more contacts per customer, the lower the NPS). Also, the CES and NPS were strongly dependent (the higher the CES, the higher the NPS).

What will the company do with the insights?

Based on the insights, the insurer will formulate improvement actions for the different departments that work with customer feedback. Also, hypotheses are formulated to see if the customer in a subsequent quarter is more satisfied with the aspects of the services that have been addressed.

What are the next steps?

Underlined will continuously (quarterly) perform a text mining analysis to test the hypotheses and to formulate new improvement actions.

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