Travel agency

by Ana Milicevic

Travel agency

by Ana Milicevic

by Ana Milicevic

What did we look at?

Online Customer feedback where the customer explains whether they have reached their goal on the website (FTF).

How did we do this?

Industry-specific text mining analysis applied to enrich the online dataset with topics from the customer feedback.

What were the results?

  • Categorization of the open texts in 6 main topics with 28 underlying sub-topics
  • The analysis made it clear that most of the website visitors who have not reached their goal have problems logging in.
  • A part of the website visitors (ca. 7) who have not (partly) reached their goal, are annoyed with the pop-up or experience malfunctions on the website.

What will the company do with the insights?

  • Simplify the website login (make it easier to request a password);
  • Customise the NPS questionnaire so that more information about the failures can be retrieved from the customers for more targeted improvement actions (current information insufficient)

What are the next steps?

Underlined will continuously (quarterly) conduct a text mining analysis to test the hypotheses and formulate new improvement actions.

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