Grip on omni channel customer contacts!

by Theo

Grip on omni channel customer contacts!

by Theo

by Theo

The most common question we are asked about the omni channel customer journey in relation to customer contacts  is:  how can we both keep our customers happy and save money on the number of customer contacts at the same time?

Customer contact data covers web visits, phone calls, emails, chat and social media.

Question to Underlined

How can we keep hygiene contacts to a minimum in the more expensive customer contact channels such as telephony? How do customers actually travel through our  channels and what are the most common paths? What is the impact of customer contact on the customer experience? How easy is it for the customer to get an answer to a problem (CES)? What improvement initiatives should be given priority?

Mapping customer touchpoints

Underlined creates a representative customer contact data set, based on  data supplied by the customer as well as research data, such as the CES score (see below). This is then passed through the Underlined Hub for CX Analytics or via APIs to further enrich the customer’s dataset.

The text mining module is applied to the customer contact data. Amendments to the data are made where required, such as converting open feedback texts to categories. The aim is to achieve the highest possible completion rate based on the text mining module.

Insights are given into how most customers actually choose to contact the organisation, the obstacles they encounter in doing so and the exact changes which could be made to improve their experience.


  • Contact cost decrease 20% in year one.
  • Unnecessary contact moments reduced by 20% in year one.
  • Understanding which communication (outbound, web) directly influences incoming customer contact; Actionable insights to improve this process.
  • Insight into the impact on customer experience as a result of customer contact.
  • Insight into what is it takes the customer to find a solution to a particular problem  (CES).
  • How to improve the CES score by (for example) 1 point, in the first one.
  • Insight into which internal processes are related to a particular customer touchpoint.
  • Customer contact and research data is integrated for company-wide usuage.
  • Management Dashboards in which actionable customer insights  are clearly displayed and can be used by all departments.
  • Dashboards provide continuous insight into customer contacts within the company.

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