Grip on conversations!

by Ana Milicevic

Grip on conversations!

by Ana Milicevic

by Ana Milicevic

The power of Conversational Intelligence can be used to improve customer relationships, and gain insight & actions from all customer conversations.

Improving everyday interactions often leads to surprising and immediate gains in efficiency, cost reduction, and growth. And by connecting all sources of customer interaction and insight, you not only save time and budget, but you also get a complete picture.

Companies use this data for a variety of purposes, such as coaching their employees, analyzing the buyer’s journey, and improving team performance.

We help organizations understand their customer experience and act on it by: getting grip on the customer journey, grip on customer value (metrics), grip on omnichannel customer contacts but also gettin grip on conversations.

Question to Underlined

It can often be difficult for an organization to keep an eye on whether all conversations are really going well. With Conversational AI Models you get actions and insights from customer conversations. We see great value for two components. One is actually the analysis of the service: what are customers calling about, what questions are asked, what are the handling times for those questions? And two is the assistant. By gaining insights from all conversations, we can advise and uncover conversations that are interesting to listen to in order to uncover points for improvement. But also to draw attention to conversations that went well, examples of good conversations can be instructive.

Underlined connects directly to your CRM or DMP system, all unstructured conversations come back for use in a structured way.

Effective action prioritization becomes possible through real-time visual insights into your customer needs and underlying questions.

By means of insight into all conversations, opportunities unravel to improve processes and services. What does the customer get stuck on, and how often does that happen?

Data visualization

Underlined offers customers tailor-made dashboards that support their specific needs. Available in our SAAS platform.

Example of a customer case – airline

A few weeks ago we were with a major airline. What they saw through our tool is that 15% of the telephone traffic is coming in because the booking confirmation email did not arrive on time. Therefore 15% of the phone calls are about not receiving a confirmation email. This is evident from our data. If you can solve this issue, it will save 15% on telephone calls. Not only can we analyze telephone calls, but also mail and other sources.

Example customer case – insurance company

A man emailed his insurance company. He mentioned that he was going to live with his girlfriend. And that when he adjusted his new address digitally, he needed a new password, but the reset button did not work. That mail is normally marked with the comment “will not get a new password”. But the information that he is going to live together is then lost. While it is valuable. If you want to be relevant to your customer, then that is a starting point to respond to.

At another insurer, we saw that people who were first in “my page” still started calling. Why? 75% of those people call because they want to arrange something for a family member and that was not possible on the “my page”. If you can uncover those kinds of process improvements and the business case with the customer satisfaction figures next to it, then you can convince stakeholders to take the necessary actions.

Find out what you can achieve with the power of conversational intelligence

In order to understand your customers’ experience, it is crucial to understand not only when customers are contacting you, but also what they are contacting you about. We use the module to convert conversations into insights and actions. With Conversational AI, we automatically translate conversations from all channels into information and insights that can be used for data-driven business decisions and continuous improvement. Increasing efficiency, identifying areas for improvement and reducing customer contact costs, it is all possible.

With self-service AI we enable the user to train machine learning models, directly from the front end of our solution. Making it possible to quickly achieve high-quality data science algorithms trained on your own data, completely independently, without the use of expensive data scientists. This leads to strong insights on your own data, faster and tailor-made.

To get insights and actions from all customer conversations and improve customer relationships, Underlined uses the power of Conversational AI Models. The solution gives you the opportunity to improve customer relationships and better understand customer contacts. Get a grip on loyalty and efficiency with data-driven decision making, insights and personalization of customer interaction.


  • In the first year, customers achieve an average of 20% less unnecessary customer contact.
  • Increase acquisition and discover high impact customer journeys that lead to a purchase Marketers can use these insights, along with an understanding of preferences and behavior, in campaigns that drive new customers.
  • Customers achieve an average of 10-15% reduction on churn.
    • Reduce Churn by gaining a data-driven insight into customer preferences and identifying customers at risk, customer experience teams can use these insights to prioritize opportunities to improve customer journeys and reduce churn.
  • -15% Waste reduction
    • Savings achieved with conversational intelligence from Underlined: 15% of calls were a direct waste in a contact center of 500,000 calls / year.
  • + 98% Compliance
    • Identification of GDPR regulatory requirements based on trained models in our Conversational Intelligence solution.
  • -80% Reduction in first line checkout
    • Automatically detect contact reasons for incoming emails and agent-oriented chat conversations to automatically forward them to the appropriate and competent agent. Reduce first-line treatment of traffic distribution agents by 80%.

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