Grip on the customer journey!

by Theo

Grip on the customer journey!

by Theo

by Theo

The main question from organisations around customer journeys focuses on mapping the touchpoints customers interact with whilst purchasing/using a product and/or service. Customer journeys are often arrived at by qualitative research. Management is increasingly asking how the results of customer journey mapping are contributing to actual results!

Question to Underlined

How can we make the next step in optimising customer experience by creating data driven customer journeys and identifying key KPIs? How can we further shape insights from our data, construct customer journeys for different target groups and/or products, and what opportunities are there for the organisation? In short: what is the impact of the customer’s journey on the customer experience? What are the bottlenecks within a customer journey and which improvement initiatives should be given priority?

CX Insights (framework)

To make customer value visible , measurable and directly linked to company value, Underlined typically starts with  the CX Insights Framework. This framework, which brings together important management information for customer journeys and  provides insight into how the customer journeys are linked to the main customer value and company value KPIs. Using this framework it is possible to do a data scan on the underlying sources in order to understand how the organisation can immediately start driving customer and company value, using a data driven CX approach.

To enable these insights, Underlined uses various techniques available in the CX Analytics Hub and can be accessed in dashboards or through APIs. The figure below shows journey classification techniques, text mining on customer feedback & customer contact channels and driver & impact modelling for prioritising available opportunities.


  • A clear picture of  CX KPI development and how they are linked to  customer journeys.
  • The main customer journeys and associated target groups are visualised; how the customer actually moves through the organisation.
  • Which customer process improvements will create  a perfect customer experience.
  • Insight into specific properties of the various target groups.
  • Actionable insights into specific improvement  opportunities per customer journey.
  • Ability to control prioritising opportunities around customer journeys.
  • Insight into actual touchpoints which most satisfy customers; ability to redeploy resources to  other customer journeys.
  • Dashboards in which customer journeys and improvement initiatives are visible and can be used by all departments in the organisation.
  • Dashboards which provide continuous customer journey insights for the entire organisation.

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