Nyenrode Masterclass CX Management

Grow by organizing around the customer experience

The Nyenrode Masterclass Customer Experience Management takes you on a journey of discovery where recent insights from theory and practice come together. With an outside-in approach you first visualize the trips of users and customers. You explore and design improvements using the principles, processes and tools of service design thinking. With the use of technology, with attention to the personal, the culture, aimed at achieving concrete goals. New forms of organizing, changing and transforming are discussed.

At the end of the masterclass

  • You know everything about customer experience management.
  • You have insight into customer journey mapping & design.
  • You can set up a customer experience strategy.

Theo van der Steen (Underlined) and Jaap Wilms (Wilms & Co) provide the lecture Design a data analysis and data drive customer experience:

  • Gaining insight into and steering the Customer Experience by using all contact and research sources.
  • Measured value and methods for the Customer Experience, including the net promoter score (NPS), the Customer Experience index (CXI) and the task performance index (TPI).
  • The latest insights from innovation with data: what happens and what do the forerunners do?
  • How can the use of data help to prevent agile blindness in teams.
  • How can you use data to add emotion and customer behavior?
  • How can you enrich your insights with this?
  • How do you ensure that the data-driven solutions of your teams receive attention?


Sep 29 2020 - Nov 05 2020


2 modules of 2 days
All Day


€ 5.395 (excluding VAT) including teaching materials, coffee / tea, meals and 2 hotel nights.
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