An NPS score in itself tells you nothing without insight!

by Ana Milicevic

An NPS score in itself tells you nothing without insight!

by Ana Milicevic

by Ana Milicevic

‘An NPS of -23! What a valuable insight, but lets improve it, lets go!

This reaction, or similar, has often been heard  across the board in response to NPS measurements, and often still is! After all, it is often the case that industry benchmarks score companies on their NPS each year. So there is quite a lot of peer, management and competive pressure to try to improve your NPS.

However, there is one caveat… how do you know which buttons to push to improve the NPS? Within your company, everyone will think they have a valuable insight which they are convinced will increase customer satisfaction. The only problem is that no one can really prove this is the case or put an actual value on the insight. Except by relying on his or her gut feel: ‘That makes sense! Of course, our customer wants a faster app/nicer website/better-prepared letter/trained phone team for his or her specific problem!’.

With fresh optimism, every year choices are made as to which plans should be given  priority. This then leads to either an increase in the NPS of  a few points, or maybe even a drop. Ultimately, it is totally unclear why your NPS has risen or declined.

After a number of repetitions of this exercise it becomes blatantly clear that the NPS is actually a rudderless ship.

How can you actually start steering the ship?

The first step is to prioritise your improvement opportunities based on data. Why depend on gut feel when your company has access to this valuable source? Available data can now be  turned into actionable insight! A source which has been unused up to date. Start examining this data and be surprised  by how much insight this can and does provide!

Start by categorising your open feedback fields (which you will have in abundance and which you undoubtedly have to scroll through manually  from time to time) using  a text-mining tool. Doing this gives you direct insight into how your promoters and detractors experience  your company and on which particular topic. By then prioritising topics in terms of impact on your NPS you make sure you maximise your NPS and you start turning data into gold!

An example of how this can be visualised, is the dashboard above. At a glance, you’ll see that in the lower left of the priorities matrix are the topics on which your customers scored you badly. In the upper right hand corner of the matrix, you will find the topics which delight your customers.  The smart thing to do is focus on these and let more customers get acquainted with this excellent part of your  service! This approach totally ellimates gut feel and replaces it with a fact based approach which you to prioritise your  CX improvements.

Of course, in addition to this there are many possible next steps to home in on your NPS,  such as driver, impact and churn modeling. Read our next blogs to find out more!

Lots of succes in improving your NPS!

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