CX Data Driven Approach-Phase 1

by Charlot Oldemaat

Curious about the 5 phases of a data driven CX approach?

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Phase 1: “Let’s Start Data Driven CX”

This phase focuses on increasing your knowledge around Data Driven Customer Experience (CX), so that you can begin the journey of becoming a data driven organisation. One place to start is to look at the data sources available in the organisation. In additon general customer feedback feedback and/or customer satisfaction scores can be collected and analysed, turning this data into actionable insights. All data sources in your organisation essential to improving customer satisfaction must be utilised. Often the best way to start is to create a specific question, focussing on what can actually be analysed with customer and research data. For example, what factors are related to the growth in customer satisfaction?

What We offer:

The first step Underlined can offer to increase your knowledge of the use of CX in your organisation are several workshops and courses. The objective here is to assess to what extent you can start data driven working , does your organisation have a CX driven strategy, what data is present within the organisation and from which sources data can be  collected. In addition, you will be informed how data analysis can be set up, with the appropriate tools. The visual presentation of the data insights can also be discussed. Motivating visuals guarantee a wide uptake of the data analytics results and insights.

Would you like to know more about our events, Such as our masterclasses about data driven CX, or the content of Data Driven CX programme  designed in collaboration with JADS and what the  reviews were of the first edition of this programme  in 2018/19?