Collaborate with Underlined

Collaborate with Underlined

by Theo

Underlined specialises not only in data, models and algorithms but also in close collaboration and optimising customer experience management.  We can help you with every aspect  of your  data driven customer experience approach. We combine a personal approach with a passion for data. Customers play a huge part in the development of our services. You can have a direct influence on our product development rollout!

What does this mean in practice?

Innovative and scientific 

Underlined is an innovative company continually developing the required techniques, tooling and consulting services required to remain  a state of the art data driven solutions provider. As part  of the JADS (Jheronimus Academy of Data Science )  ecosystem, Underlined works closely with students and researchers from Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology in developing innovative solutions in the field of Data Science. This scientific and unique approach immediately becomes apparent as you interact with us. 

Underlined has an ironclad team of Customer Journey Experts, Data Scientists and Econometrists. We we have developed our own techniques and models, all of which have been scientifically tried and tested.  

Multidisciplinary teams

Underlined works closely with you to achieve the best possible results. We prefer to set up multidisciplinary teams,  with key players from both sides. Both parties commit specific people to the project, and prior to the engagement the required roles and necessary commitment will be discussed.  In practice this means:

  • from the client: the team members are often  Customer Experience Managers, Data Analysts or Scientists , Product Owners and Management.
  • from Underlined: this often involves a Data Scientist , an  Analytics Consultant and a Business Consultant.


Underlined prefers to adapt to your way of working. In many cases this means ‘ Agile or Scrum ‘or another  iterative form with sprints typically of 3 to 4 weeks in duration The first step is a concrete proposal: Underlined defines a first sprint and outlines the subsequent sprints. At the end of each sprint, we will assess if the intended goals have been achieved. Together we will determine if the subsequent sprints are still correct. This allows both parties to take full advantage of advanced insights gained during each sprint. After all, its in the interest of both parties to make the investment pay and if at all possible to surpass expectations!

Knowledge and Project Transfer

Underlined wants to enable companies  to work with the results independently as soon as possible. To ensure this we work towards this from the word go. We also devote ample time to knowledge transfer. In the case of ongoing projects/subscriptions, as a rule, we plan a structured  evaluation after a few months.