CJ Management Cockpit

by Theo

Underlined Customer Journey Analytics Suite.

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CJ Management Cockpit

Now that you have insight in the areas of improvement for your customer journeys, it is time to get to work. Our CJ Management Cockpit is an ideal control dashboard to take your customer journey management in your own hands.

On a visual designed dashboard you have a clear view of the most important steering information. In accessible emotion curves and journey flows you can see how your customers experience your multi-channel service. You can see the results of your initiated changes immediately. In addition, the CJ Data Management Cockpit enables you to weigh and evaluate customer journey improvements.

The Underlined Customer Journey Analytics Suite

CJ Data Gathering integrates all relevant data sources for the customer journey and outlines a customer profile.

CJ Data Connecting provides an integrated customer profile of the customer journey by using customer journey models and text algorithms to connect the data flows.

CJ Data Insights helps with concrete improvement insights when shaping the most ideal customer journeys.

CJ Management Cockpit is a customized customer journey control and improvement dashboard. Almost immediately users will say: “how did I ever do without it”.