CJ Data Insights

by Theo

Underlined Customer Journey Analytics Suite.

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CJ Data Insights

You have a clear view of your customers and what customer journey they follow when in contact with your company.

The next step is improving and optimizing this customer journey so you can offer your customers an optimal experience. What moments perform well and where is room for improvement? CJ Data Insights analyzes the customer experience during the customer journey and provides an insight into the improvement actions you can take in both the back and front office. You also see the impact of these improvements on your objectives (including NPS, satisfaction, costs and convenience) so you can prioritize.


The Underlined Customer Journey Analytics Suite

CJ Data Gathering integrates all relevant data sources for the customer journey and outlines a customer profile.

CJ Data Connecting provides an integrated customer profile of the customer journey by using customer journey models and text algorithms to connect the data flows.

CJ Data Insights helps with concrete improvement insights when shaping the most ideal customer journeys.

CJ Management Cockpit is a customized customer journey control and improvement dashboard. Almost immediately users will say: “how did I ever do without it”.