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Underlined introduces new benchmark: KEI customer experience index

Together with Volksbank, Vattenfall, Schiphol, VGZ, Interpolis and a.s.r., Underlined held a kick off meeting to set up a benchmark program. The benchmark will focus on the KEI (customer experience index). The KEI is a metric introduced by Underlined. A single customer relationship figure that provides insight from customer behaviour into the overarching customer experience, [...]

Unleash the power of data science within customer experience management

"I really want to make clear what moves customers, but how can I do that?" "I have been instructed to start using data-based steering, but I am not sure where to start." "I am part of an agile team, in which I have to work intensively with data analysts. How can I make sure we [...]

Is Emotion Analytics the Holy Grail in CX?

Recently a new report was published by Credence Research in which they predict that the market for Emotion Analytics is expected to expand at a CAGR of 15.6% during the forecast period from 2019 to 2027. This confirms figures published earlier this year by MarketsandMarkets: they predicted that the global emotion analytics market size would [...]

B2B companies and customer journey analytics: why it matters

In B2B half or more of all marketing spend is misaligned and sales could be up by 10% and churn down by 30% in year 1 using customer journey analytics.* Although customer journey analytics has grown from strength to strength in the B2C market, B2B companies are now being rudely awakened by their customers. After [...]

The next steps in managing your NPS

Driver Modelling: Defining which customer, relationship, and product information has impact on your NPS. How and where can I improve my NPS? How much improvement can I achieve? These questions arise automatically when you are working on the Net Promoter Score (NPS). As we wrote in our previous blog on this topic: no insight means […]

An NPS score in itself tells you nothing without insight!

‘An NPS of -23! What a valuable insight, but lets improve it, lets go! This reaction, or similar, has often been heard¬† across the board in response to NPS measurements, and often still is! After all, it is often the case that industry benchmarks score companies on their NPS each year. So there is quite […]

Data Driven Customer Experience Management from A to Z

In this last blog in the series we want to use a customer case to illustrate all the steps involved, to give you a general feel for the entire Customer Journey¬†Approach.   The customer use case The case we are dealing with in this blog concerns an Insurance Company who wants to free up customer […]

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